We are building the first Swedish Hammarby Town in China – Hammarby Town Chibi.

Hammarby Town Chibi is more than a replica of the famous Swedish Hammarby Sjöstad.

It is a green, sustainable, ecological, smart and modern town with happy life and opportunities for everyone.

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Great Nature

We have great nature here – lakes, forest, bamboos, tea farms and rice fields. There is no factory around. Here it is just so peaceful, tranquil and harmonious. The air is fresh. The water is clean. The nature is fantastic...

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Rich History

Chibi – literally means Red Cliffs – it is a very famous historical town in China. The most remarkable event is the well known Battle of Red Cliffs which took place in AD 208 during the Three Kingdoms period. It changed the Chinese history...

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Famous Tea

Chibi is a internationally famous place for the farming, manufacturing and trading of the well known brick tea. As early as Tang Dynasty (618-907), Chibi has earned a world reputation for its high quality brick tea and started to export to Europe...

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Super Location

Chibi has super location. It situates in the south bank of the Yangtze River. It is only 90 kilometers from Wuhan, a fast growing city of 11 million people. Chibi has its own high speed rail station, connecting with the national high speed rail network…

Hammarby Town Chibi spreads an area of 200 square kilometers.

The core of the town covers an area of 42 square kilometers, including five beautiful lakes.

Hammarby Town Chibi Portfolios

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International Business
Operation Center

Situated in the heart of the country, connected with national high speed rail network, our green, modern, digitalized and fully-furnished office is the most ideal place for international and domestic business operations…

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Amusement Parks

The paradise for amusement parks! We are in the backyard of Wuhan, a thriving metropolis of 11 million population and one of China's fastest growing cities. As "the hub of nine provinces", we are close to hundreds of millions consumers...

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Technology, Media and Communication

China is the fastest growing TMC (Technology, Media and Communication) market in the world. There are so many opportunities around the TMC sector. Based in our town, you can operate the Chinese TMC business as a local company...

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Education and Training

A dream town for a super campus for international universities and training institutes in China. We are in the backyard of Wuhan – the largest university city of the world, with 89 universities and 1.3 million university students...

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IT and AI

Hammarby Town Chibi is the best incubator, research and develop center for the edge cutting solutions and technologies of IT and AI in China! In our town, you dare and are able to dream to be the coolest IT and AI giant...

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Live and work here

You can live in our high quality and green villas, summer houses, apartments and even in our top class hotels. Among the great nature, you can slow down your pace, rest your mind and body. Yet, you can manage your business from here...

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Chibi is a popular tourist destination due to its famous culture, rich history, great tea and excellent food! Explore the famous battle field of the Red Cliffs dated in 208 AD during the three kingdoms period, hike in the bamboo forest and have a great holiday with your family...

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Eco Farming

Here, we have fertile land, abundant water and plenty of sunshine. Hammarby Town Chibi is a famous place for agriculture. It has a proud name as "the land of fish and rice". Operate your eco farming here and provide safe food for millions of customers around us...

The news

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The expertise

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Lars Kjellgren

Honorary Chairman
Email: lars@hammarbytown.com

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Joakim Nordemo

Energy and Environment
Email: joakim@hammarbytown.com

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Yu Jung Lau

Project Head
Email: yu@hammarbytown.com

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Erik Sangevie

International Vice President
Email: erik@hammarbytown.com

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Malte Andreasson

Director of International Affairs
Email: malte@hammarbytown.com

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Yani He

Culture and Media Project
Email: yani@hammarbytown.com

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Xue Tian

Resort Project
Email: xue@hammarbytown.com

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Anders Thomsen

Eco Village Project
Email: anders@hammarbytown.com

We are blessed by the wonderful nature here – the fresh air, crystal clear lakes and forest.
With deep gratitude, we will treasure the pure environment, protect it and make it into an even better place…

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Hammarby Town Chibi

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